C + Ferulic Brightening Complex
C + Ferulic Brightening Complex
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C + Ferulic Brightening Complex

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Key Active Ingredients:
15% L-ascorbic Acid | 0.5% Ferulic Acid | Hyaluronic Acid | 1% Tocopherol


High potency formulation that is readily absorbable with glowing results. Vitamin C in the form of L Ascorbic Acid offers protection against environmental damage and neutralizes free radicals as it brightens the complexion, reduces hyper pigmentation and supports collagen synthesis.

Ferulic Acid, a powerful phytochemical antioxidant boosts the brightening power of Vitamin C while stabilizing the ingredient for the absolute best results possible. This powerhouse ingredient is endowed with a high UV absorbing capabilities and has been approved in Japan as a natural sunscreen.



  1. Cellular protection for minimum of 72 hours after application
  2. Potent antioxidant complex
  3. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, age spots and hormonal discoloration

Recommended Use:

  • Dry, Dehydrated, Sun-Damage and/or Aging Skin
  • After cleansing skin, apply favorite toner. Use 1/2 dropper full of serum and apply on face and neck, then apply moisturizer. Use SPF 30 daily for continued protection.
  • Use twice daily for best results. 


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